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Taxes on Apple iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max in Pakistan

Apple announced the new iPhone 11 along with iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max last week. The new iPhones will be available in market starting September 20, 2019. So the likely availability / release date of iPhone 11 in Pakistan is no later than September 22. The 3 models of iPhone 11 have different ...

Best Mid Range Smartphones in Pakistan (June 2019)

As the flagship phones get pricier, there's a whole new market for mid range smartphones. Not everyone can afford a flagship phone, most people don't even need one. A phone that gets basic things done, and gets you through the day without needing a recharge is too good for most. To be fair, many ...

Haier Puri Inverter AC Price in Pakistan 2019

The latest models of Haier pure Inverter AC are in stores now. Just in time for the summer, as the season is just getting started. Haier is one of the most popular AC brands from Pakistan, offering traditional as well as inverter ACs in stylish designs and reasonable prices. Haier DC Inverter ...

IPS LCD vs AMOLED Display – Which is Better?

A phone's display is one of the most important things you consider when making a decision. There are a host of things to look for in a display. The screen resolution, pixel density, contrast ratio, color calibration etc. But first thing you look at is the display type. There are two types of ...

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